The Castelo Branco Embroidery Interpretation Center offers the visitor a space where ancient objects coexist with the most recent techniques of explanation and sampling of the product, supported by modern digital and technological supports. Throughout the tour, the visitor is taken through the origins of embroidery, from the sowing of linen to its weaving, including the raising of the silkworm, the extraction of the raw material, the evolution of embroidery and the technique (stitches), as well as its framework and respective symbolism.

The Interpretation Center aims to contribute to the revalorization, recuperation, innovation and re-launching of the Castelo Branco Embroidery, the ex-libris of the city and of the Municipality, a unique form of artistic expression.

The creation of the Interpretation Center resulted from the restoration of an iconographic building of Castelo Branco, Domus Municipalis, the old Town House, former Jail and, more recently, the Municipal Library, located in Praça de Camões, or Old Square, which delimits the Historic Area, of medieval design, and the more recent urban area. Of recognized beauty and example of originality in the national scope, the Castelo Branco's Bordado presents two dominant characteristics: the artistic origin and the economic meaning. The first shows the existence of an art of its own, with a peculiar style, the second shows the concentration of this embroidery industry in the Castelo Branco district.

The Interpretation Center, besides the museological space and the store, also hosts the School-Brochery of Castelo Branco, which gathers some of the most capable embroiderers, artisans of the genuine Castelo Branco embroidery pieces, currently in the final phase of the Certification process.

Embroidery Interpretation Center