The Castelo Branco City Hall, as the Promoting Entity, has just concluded the revision and updating process of the Technical Specifications for the Certification of the Castelo Branco Embroidery.

The certification guarantees the buyer the origin and quality of the product, the respect for manufacturing standards, from the materials used in the support and embroidery, to the motifs, the stitches used, and the chromatic palette.

The Castelo Branco's Embroiderer is the professional that, in the domain of the adequate techniques and procedures and in the respect for the environment, hygiene and security norms, embroiders manually articles of diverse nature, among which can be identified: bedspreads, panels, pillows, nappers, small pieces of several applications and clothing.

The raw materials used by these professionals are 100% lined canvas or linen, and natural silk of various colors, which implies their knowledge.

The work is developed according to determined traditional patterns and techniques and in respect of the norms and technical specifications of embroidery.

The embroiderer manages his/her activity at home, individually, or integrated in a cooperative or network of artisans, with oriented production. It can also develop its activity in fairs, exhibitions, and/or other places.

Castelo Branco Embroidery Interpretation Center

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Anabela Rosindo

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